Enneagram Wings - discover the super-skills of your type.

Oct 04, 2021

Your dominant Enneagram type is the nature of your personality: your innate predisposition towards one of nine unique temperaments.

But every Enneagram type also has access to something called wings: traits and behaviours that you can access the types directly adjacent to your dominant number. 

NOTE: Your wing can only be a number adjacent to yours. Meaning 4w7 is not possible! (Fours can identify as 4w5 or 4w3).

You are able borrow and use behaviours from your wings - think of them as your neighbours, their proximity means you have more in common and they have resources you can use (I mean, who do you go to when you need a cup of sugar?)

Most of us lean into one wing predominantly and this creates your wing subtype, which influences your unique expression of your type.

Wings are one of the many ways the enneagram framework can be broken down to offer more specificity, that can be especially helpful if you're navigating a big life transition, career/job change, or seeking to understand your unique gifts to share with the world.

In this blog, we’ll explore another layer of radical-self awareness for the nine natures of the Enneagram: Wing subtypes.

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TYPE 1 - The Improver

Enneagram 1W9 - The Idealist

They have a basic desire to be morally good, which fuels a drive to reconcile all things. The Idealist is more detached and impersonal, seeking to improve their physical worlds. 

Enneagram 1W2 - The Advocate 

They blend their quest for an ideal world with empathy and compassion. The advocate is more people focused, seeking to improve the lives of others. 


Type 2 - The Befriender

Enneagram 2W1 - The Companion

Altruistic and purposeful, they strive for personal goodness and selfless service. The Companion is more serious, altruistic and less generous. They seek purposeful contribution to the greater good. 

Enneagram 2W3 - The Host(ess)

Connection and relationship focused, their generous nature draws attention to themselves or others. The Host(ess) is less serious, more collaborative and task-oriented. They define themselves by their relationships and who they can serve. 


Type 3 - The Performer

Enneagram 3W2 - The Charmer

Overtly charming and incredibly present both socially and emotionally. The Charmer is a dreamer and an achiever. They’re more people-focused, spontaneous and acquisitive. They define themselves by who they know, and who they are seen to be.

Enneagram 3W4 - The Expert

Ambitious, focused, career-oriented and serious. The Expert finds their identity in their work. They’re more self-focused, diplomatic and driven, defining themselves by being the best at what they do. 


Type 4 - The Individualist 

Enneagram 4W3 - The Aristocrat

Ambitious, artistic and accomplished. The Aristocrat wants to be successful and distinctive. They’re more sociable and better at marketing their work. They seek a good life, with a taste for the finer things. 

Enneagram 4W5 - The Bohemian

Introspective, creative and perceptive. The Bohemian seeks a deeper understanding of themselves, and the world around them. They’re less concerned with public image, preferring a minimalist lifestyle. They define themselves by living a life uniquely their own.


Type 5 - The Observer

Enneagram 5W4 - The Philosopher

Thoughtful, curious and perceptive. The Philosopher desires to express a unique personal vision. They’re more emotional and introspective, not scientific but instead drawn to the arts. They seek to understand themselves and their world. 

Enneagram 5W6 - The Problem-Solver

Brilliant and inquisitive. The Problem-Solver can draw meaningful conclusions from random data. They’re more argumentative and defensive in their views. They seek to understand collective concerns. 


Type 6 - The Loyalist

Enneagram 6W5 - The Defender

Independent, loyal and intellectual. The Defender is hard-working and cautious, and good at showing up for the group. They’re less concerned about other people’s opinion of them, but they’re incredibly reliable and loyal to the groups they belong to. Their humor is more witty and soft-spoken. 

Enneagram 6W7 - The Buddy

Tried and true companions: dependable, supportive and caring. The Buddy is always prepared, and always there, good at showing up for you. They’re less serious, and more light-hearted and humorous. They seek security and creativity. 


Type 7 - The Enthusiast

Enneagram 7W6 - The Entertainer

Accomplished, attractive, spontaneous and charismatic. The Entertainer wants everyone to have a good time. They have a more positive outlook, and are more committed to plans, people and ideas. They seek freedom and belonging.

Enneagram 7W8 - The Realist 

Determined, realistic and strategic. The Realist can quickly organize their resources in pursuit of their desires. They’re more goal-oriented, tough and ambitious, and they seek freedom and independence. 


Type 8 - The Protector

Enneagram 8W7 - The Maverick

Non-conforming and independent, the Maverick is passionate about ideas and their people. They’re more social, cheerful and entrepreneurial, but they can easily become frustrated, and quickly impatient. 

Enneagram 8W9 - The Bear

Grounded, steady and collaborative. The Bear is laid-back, and focused on home and family. They’re natural leaders who manage balancing extremes. 


Type 9 - The Peacekeeper

Enneagram 9W8 - The Referee

Instinctive and calm. The Referee is able to see through conflict with clarity and compromise. They’re more sociable, assertive and adventurous. 

Enneagram 9W1 - The Dreamer

Imaginative and idealistic, the Dreamer is purposeful and principled. They follow their ethical convictions, and they’re more reserved and restrained towards expressing anger. 

Use your wing subtype to find the answers to the questions within:

What are my unique skills? What is my purpose? How do I thrive? 

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