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The Enneagram at Work

Professional development for curious humans who work in collaborative pursuits.

Understand yourself and each other through a more compassionate lens. This half day training will arm your team with the language and understanding that facilities collaboration, alongside individual and collective well-being in the work place.

Gain applicable insight into the various ways the nine natures of the enneagram operate so you can show up to support your people and lead them to their strengths. 

This interactive professional development seminar can be in person or virtually.

Based in the Kelowna, BC in the Okanagan valley and happy to travel to Vancouver, BC, Winnipeg, MB and beyond.

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"A really nice way to spend a couple of hours with the team"

- Gabriela Klimes

Rachelle recently led our small, creative team through a team-building session, using learning from the Enneagram. We spent an enlightening, productive session together leaning into the Enneagram through the lens of work. The team was energized, curious and reflective after the session. Here's some of what they had to say:
"It was really interesting and really great. I'm can't wait to learn more about it."
"Very useful to assist with strengthening interpersonal relationships at work."
"There's something very empowering about knowing why you are the way you are and how you can be the best you can be while as a co-worker and in a group dynamic."
"It was super useful and Rachelle was so knowledgeable too!"
Rachelle was an exceptionally versed presenter on the Enneagram and has such a bright, positive energy. She peppered the session with real world examples, and some laughs. It was a really nice way to spend a couple of hours with the team reflecting, having some fun and ultimately deepening our awareness about how to be the best teammates we can be. 
I personally appreciated learning about the Enneagram, and the session was a great jumping off point to deepening my own understanding and learning. I loved Rachelle’s point that the Enneagram makes us more compassionate in our work lives. I'll definitely be continuing to learn about and apply these principles in my work and as a leader. 

Curious about the enneagram (and how it can change your life?)