I distill the wisdom of the enneagram into approachable, impactful content so you can uplevel all aspects of your life.

Welcome here.

I'm Rachelle. I help curious humans nurture their innate nature by sharing the insight of the Enneagram and practices designed to support you as you navigate the challenges of being human. 

I'm a 7w8 (self-preservation): an illuminator of possibility, enthusiastic visionary, and bold optimist by nature. My super-power is seeing your potential and saying the thing that makes you see it too

Over the last decade, I’ve held space for thousands of curious humans as the Director of Marketing & Vision with the Prairie Collective, an educator with the University of Winnipeg, and a movement & meditation guide at wellness studios, festivals, and international retreats.

An eternal student, I hold a keen curiosity for the intricacies of the human experience. My formal education is in communications, psychology, and wellness. I have been studying enneagram for almost 20 years and have sharing this potent wisdom with curious humans at wellness retreats, workshops and corporate development seminars since 2017. 

Understanding The Enneagram—and how to apply it in your life—can feel complex and overwhelming.

I’m here to be the person who gives it to you straight, makes it simple and clear, and gives you tangible tools to apply. Because information without application does not equal transformation. 

I'm stoked to get to be the one to share this potent insight with you. I've witnessed and experienced firsthand the magic that happens when you start working with your nature and waking up to the present moment. There's more compassion, more grace, more alignment. And it postively ripples into all aspects of your life.

This space and my work are an expression of my Taylor lineage. 

My father, Tom, was an astrologer, entrepreneur, and coach. He taught me from a young age that movement and breath are medicine, that entrepreneurship is the path to freedom, and that wisdom worth knowing extends outside of the mainstream schools of thought.

His sister, Lynda, an educator and early student of the Enneagram Narrative Tradition introduced me to the nine natures in my teens. I’ve spent hundreds—if not thousands!—of hours over coffees and dessert dissecting motivations and behaviour with auntie Lyn and am very grateful for all the wisdom she’s passed along.

In addition to Lynda Taylor, my perspective of the enneagram is informed by the teachings and writings of: Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, Ian Morgan Cron, Steph Barron Hall, and Sara Jane Case.

My vision for the Enneacademy is a space that contains both the information and the invitations to check-in with yourself. In my experience, both are required for transformation.

As an educator, I believe in using storytelling, honesty and humour to make the sacred wisdom of the enneagram approachable, impactful, and fun.

I’m so happy you’ve found your way here, curious human, and am honoured to share this potent wisdom and transformative practices that I’ve encountered along my adventures in grief, love, letting go, work, relationships, entrepreneurship, infertility, and parenting.


My Offerings

digital school of self-awareness for curious humans. Impactful insight to apply the wisdom of the enneagram for more clarity and alignment. Includes access to The Lab: meditation, prompts, and presence practices that nurture and support your ever-evolving self.

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Unsure of your dominant type? I can help lead you to connect confidently with your core motivation and determine your type (and maybe even wing & subtype too!) It's like a mini guided tour of the enneagram and your type structure. Includes 7 days access to explore the Enneacademy.

Book 1:1 Session

Corporate training and professional development for curious humans who work in collaborative pursuits.

Bring the wisdom of the enneagram into the workplace to arm your team with the language and understanding for compassion and collaboration.

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