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Let's take you from where you're at—to where you want to be.

Hi! I'm Rachelle, an Embodied Enneagram coach helping curious humans make real, sustainable changes in their lives.

I've integrated my 10+ years of studying yoga, the body, energetics, psychology, personal development, and the enneagram to create a unique program that helps you embody your most expansive potential.

Let's make your unconscious patterns conscious through radical self-awareness, so you can get unstuck from the self-sabotaging patterns of your type and start showing up for yourself with daily somatic practices and soul work that uniquely support your expansive potential.


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The Three Pillars of The Work

That will inform our 1:1 time together and the practices I offer for you to complete in between calls.

Radical Self-Awareness

A transformative awareness of your own fundamental nature, informed by the enneagram, that illuminates a map of your unique path to embodiment.

Soul Work

Meditation, journaling, and contemplative practices to build a heartfelt relationship with your inner observer to cultivate trust in your inner knowing.


Movement and breathwork practices to clear stagnant energy, ground into the moment and connect you with all three intelligence centers: the mind, the heart, and the gut. 

What 1:1 clients are saying

"I'm actually able to enjoy life with my family."
Denisse P.

"I used to come home from work and be so rattled and wound up that I missed out on enjoying life with my family. I was feeling very stuck, out of purpose...

I was trying to refine myself, but I didn't have direction. I was focused on things outside of myself, getting this or learning that. My “goal” for working with Rachelle was to achieve contentment. 

Rachelle guided me on a journey inwards and helped me see how the dots connect, speaking hard truths about my emotions, my defenses, and type patterns with kindness and words just-right to make me feel seen and supported. 

I appreciated that her insight and resources were right there for me to connect with in the Enneacademy when I needed them and that I could reach out to her for support (which was always on-point!) when coming up against resistance.

Now, I am processing my workday better, I have better relationships with my husband, my son, my colleagues… even the dog! I'm not so rattled or frustrated when I come home so I’m actually able to enjoy life with my family

I can truly say, I am content. I also fully understand that contentment can't be achieved but is only here in the present.

This investment was very high value and I would 1000% recommend working with Rachelle to anyone who’s ready to get unstuck and feel more connected.

What 1:1 Clients are saying 

"I'm more myself—I didn't even know what that felt like before."
Kristin M.

"I was unfocused and all over the place with no clarity or direction, searching for meaning and what to do with myself when I wasn't at work now that my kids are grown. I’m so glad I got out of my head and into my heart and spent this month discovering myself with Rachelle. 

I loved the pearls of wisdom she shared about my nature, the meditations and breathwork practices, and the aha-moments that helped me react differently in stressful times.

Now I’m handling my life better, the stress and the things that come at me. And I’m happier.

My relationships have improved with my husband, my kids, my dog. I have been more peaceful and calm, less reactive. More myself--I didn't even know what that felt like before.

I would absolutely recommend working with Rachelle to anyone ready to reconnect with themselves—and why would you not do that?

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More client love ♡

"Completely empowered"
Hannah P.

Because of the safer space Rachelle creates, you feel at ease to be vulnerable about who you truly are. I loved spending time with Rachelle - it was as if she knew me to my core - and I felt completely empowered afterward. Rachelle helped me look at my type and how it affects my interactions with others, my values, and motivations... all things that feel life-changing. Stop wondering if this is for you- it is. Thank you, Rachelle!”

" I see her as a vehicle for change."

Kristin H

"Rachelle possesses an innate gift, allowing her to tap into areas people long to unlock - sometimes in their subconscious! She then presents what that something is eloquently and so very simply. Time and time again, she has said something that resonates into a new life mantra for me. I see her as a vehicle for change. She can pick someone up and help them arrive at a new location. A place they have wanted to get to! This new location involves a better understanding of oneself, for sure. I am grateful for my one on one sessions with her. And, especially grateful for my partner’s session, as we were able to find a new level of love and understanding."  


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