S O L   C I R C L E

for Seekers Of Light

Embark on your transformative journey inward

The SOL Circle membership is here to hold space for you on your spiritual path, help you awaken the light within, embrace the beauty of sacred ritual & spiritual practice, and be held by a nurturing community of like-minded individuals.


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Why join the SOL Circle?

Sacred Rituals

Rediscover your deep connection to nature, harmonize your soul, and surrender to the flow of life, leaving you feeling more alive, centered, and in tune with yourself and the Universe.

Spark your Inner Journey

Empower yourself with tools that cultivate mindfulness and foster personal growth. Includes a library of practices and resources that bring peace, balance, and serenity into your daily life.  

Be Surrounded by Seekers of Light

Forge connections with fellow seekers who understand your journey and inspire you to embrace your true potential. Experience the power of collective wisdom, encouragement, and shared experiences.


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What's Included in the

SOL Circle Membership


‚ĖĶ Monthly¬†Full Moon¬†Gatherings.¬†
Harness the power of the full moon to release what no longer serves you with a guided Live practice that leaves you feeling grounded, inspired, and ready to embrace new beginnings.

‚ĖĶ Monthly New Moon journal prompts.
Explore the depths of your soul and set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead with introspective inquiry guided by the moon.

‚ĖĶ Tickets to in-person moon rituals and gatherings in Kelowna, BC are included in your membership (starting November¬†2023).


‚ĖĶ A library of meditation and breathwork practices.¬†Designed to nurture your inner being and restore tranquility to your mind, body, and soul.

‚ĖĶ An in-depth library of enneagram courses and spiritual masterclasses.¬†Gain profound insights¬†on transformative¬†tools that enable¬†you to uncover hidden aspects of your true self as you explore personality, somatics and soul work.

‚ĖĶ Resources are available¬†conveniently on-demand on¬†the Kajabi app, empowering you to engage in your personal growth journey whenever and wherever you desire.

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‚ĖĶ Seasonal Solstice and Equinox Rituals.
Align with the natural rhythms of the Earth and embrace the ever-changing seasons of life, inviting balance and harmony into your life.  

‚ĖĶ¬†Meet a supportive community of seekers¬†in the¬†SOL Circle Facebook group, where you'll find kindred spirits who share your passion for¬†using your spiritual tools to live¬†a life of contentment and balance.

‚ĖĶ¬†Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange wisdom, and uplift one another as we navigate the wonders and challenges of being human.

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Investment in self: $33 / month

The on-demand courses & masterclasses you'll find in the SOL Circle are worth over $222+ alone, plus the live moon rituals and prompts. You can cancel anytime.

 The Next LIVE full moon gathering is Sunday, November 26, 2023 at 2pm PDT / 4pm CDT

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