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Nurture Your Nature: intro to the Enneagram

Discover the WHY behind your behaviour. 

An introduction to using the Enneagram as a tool for upleveling your life.

  • Cultivate compassion for yourself & others.
  • Deepen the connection in your relationships.
  • Discover the roadmap to your highest potential.

[Self-guided course content -Includes 10 x 20 minute videos)

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What Students Are Saying:

Rachelle’s Intro To The Enneagram workshop was incredibly informative and impactful. As someone who was very new to this personality framework, I found the information to be insightful and easy to relate to my own life. I’ve never felt so seen! Rachelle’s real life examples really helped me identify which Enneagram number I am and apply the information to my own life. This workshop was the perfect introduction and really left me wanting to learn more! Since this workshop, I have done a deeper dive into the Enneagram and encouraged our entire team to discover it for themselves. This tool has played a part in our team’s culture, hiring process and our understanding of each other. If you’re considering signing up for this course, I would highly recommend you do!

Katrina Vanderveen

I took Rachelle's Enneagram workshop and it has totally transformed the way in which I understand and communicate with those around me. Simply put, I am now much more aware that my "why" may be different than even my closest friends and family. It has allowed me to be more empathetic, and a better supporter to those close to me. More than that - it has helped me dig deeper into my own "why," allowing me to create personal goals that I am actually passionate about, rather than just for the sake of creating goals. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious about what truly motivates them, or those around them.

Laura Wittig

Rachelle’s ‘intro to the enneagram’ workshop was such a game-changer for me. Learning my type and the types of the people important in my life has allowed me to better understand myself and understand the motivations of the people I love. Her class has done wonders for my self development and I have grown in my relationships. Rachelle has a deep knowledge of the enneagram that is evident in her teaching. I highly recommend her course for anyone that craves a deeper understanding of themselves.

Amy Mazepa