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The Embodiment Project

The Embodiment Project is a 3-month group container that supports you in creating conscious change in your life by applying my Embodied Enneagram framework. 

So you can live a life that is aligned with how you want to feel, so you can be a better partner, parent, and person, in all aspects of your life. 

When you complete the program on April 20 2023, you will...

  • Understand why you do think, feel and act the way you do.
  • Have a clear vision for what you want from your life and why it matters to you.
  • Have consistent wellness rituals woven into your daily like (that make a huge impact on your well-being!)
  • Create contentment in your life with what you already have.
  • Experience more depth and understanding in your relationships with important others.
  • Have stepped into a more peaceful, content, embodied version of you. 

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What People Are Saying:

"The biggest eye-opener is that something so easy can make such a big difference. I've seen the most impact on my relationship with my partner. The seemingly simple practices I learned have made me feel more grounded, and I'm able to stand in myself more and say what I feel, and not react."

Breanne D, Type Nine

I found Rachelle's courses to be really informative, I found it was helpful to learn both about my type but also other types, because it lets me relate to people a little bit better. My ability to empathize with other people has definitely improved. The knowledge base was the most beneficial for me. Throughout this whole thing, it's been more of a withdrawing and coming into myself rather than a reaching out for more resources. The ability to listen to the recordings again on my own, take it slow, think about what was being presented. Within my relationship with my partner, and it's been really helpful for us to look at how [our] competing personalities would interact. It gives us a bit of a map to start to work towards integrating your true self, or working through your stress points. I didn't expect the amount of information to be shared, to be this easily digestible. It was very approachable, but also had good depth.

Kaitlin A - *Type One*

I loved the Embodiment Project, and found it was super easy to use. I appreciated the Lives being recorded and posted afterwards, so that I didn't feel I was missing out and I could rewatch afterwards. It's bite-sized pieces of wisdom that will stick with you. I find the way that Rachelle speaks and shares her understanding just resonates with me, and I can always get a little nugget that I can immediately remember. Even though I'm watching a recording, I feel l like I'm being spoken to individually. I would 100% recommend studying the Enneagram with Rachelle, I've found everything she's shared to be so valuable and life-changing for me: with my family, with my relationship with myself, and even in my work.

Jennifer Miller, Type 2