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1:1 Typing Session

[Let's unearth your inner nature and discover the path to your highest potential]

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What to expect from your typing session:

  • [ 45 minutes of scared space to unearth your inner nature ]
  • [ Expect questions, some multiple choice, and others open ended so I can see patterns and connect you with your dominant type. ]
  • [ Once we connect you with your inner nature, you'll get a guided tour of what it means to be your type ]
  • [ We may have time to determine your dominant wing as well. ]
  • [ BONUS: Nurture Your Nature Mini-Course ($33 value) to continue learning about this potent personality framework. ]

You will be directed to a scheduling page after your purchase to book your appointment.

What People Are Saying:

I think everyone should be looking at investing in themselves through an enneagram typing session with Rachelle. While I had tried an enneagram online quiz in the past, Rachelle clarified my type and dove beyond what I could find on my own using her 20+ years of experience with enneagram typing to help me. Specifically, we went into my strengths and areas of opportunity, my highest self and how to put myself on the path where I'm working with my type tendencies and serving others, while recognizing when and how I might show up when stressed or in a lower state. Because of the safer space Rachelle creates, you feel at ease to be vulnerable about who you truly are. I loved spending time with Rachelle - it was as if she knew me to my core - and I felt completely empowered afterward. Rachelle helped me look at my type and how it affects my interactions with others, my values, and motivations... all things that feel life-changing. Stop wondering if this is for you- it is. Thank you, Rachelle!

Hannah Rose Pratt

Rachelle possesses an innate gift, allowing her to tap into areas people long to unlock - sometimes in their subconscious! She then presents what that something is eloquently and so very simply. Time and time again, she has said something that resonates into a new life mantra for me. I see her as a vehicle for change. She can pick someone up and help them arrive at a new location. A place they have wanted to get to! This new location involves a better understanding of oneself, for sure. I am grateful for my one on one sessions with her. And, especially grateful for my partner’s session, as we were able to find a new level of love and understanding.

Kristin Hallett

Working with Rachelle to connect with my enneagram type was very eye-opening. She was able to pin down my number and then explain to me in detail what it meant. She was also able to tell me ways that I can incorporate using my enneagram into my daily life so that I can live with more ease. My favourite part was learning what I can do to “level up” to become a ‘high functioning 4”. If you are interested in learning more about yourself and how you operate I highly suggest a typing session with Rachelle.

Phalyn Powell