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L I B R A   S E A S O N

Packages and pricing available September 22 - October 22.

You don't have to build your dreams all by yourself.

Hi! I'm Rachelle, an Embodied Enneagram Coach who can help you get from where you're atto where you want to be. 

I've been helping curious humans make real, sustainable changes to step into new possibilities for over a decade and know that embodying a life that is an expression of how you really want to feel is fully possible for you. Even if you don't know how to get there (yet).

My Embodied Enneagram framework weaves the wisdom of the enneagram with yogic philosophy and the science of spirituality, so you can actually start to shift how you show up in the world and change your life.

This work lands best with curious humans who are navigating big shifts--like parent-hood, changing careers, starting a business or ending/beginning a relationship--are feeling stuck personally or professionally, or in a season of commitment to their personal growth, health, and well-being.

Let's work together
Ways to work with me this season:


Get practical guidance, informed by your enneagram type, to help you answer the big question(s) of your life.

Please note you need to know your enneagram type prior to booking a life strategy session. 

 Via Zoom

A 60-minute one-on-one connection. We'll work through your current Big Question, learn about your personality's impacts, and strategize the big picture / your next steps. Expect guidance and insight that is incredibly practical in your life. 
Libra Season: $111

Via Voxer Voicenote

Two 15-20 minute responses addressing one or two questions around where you're feeling stuck or unsure. Plus a 10-15 minutes of follow-up on the insight, its application in your life and intuitive coaching.
Libra Season: $88

Don't know your type?

A 45-minute one-on-one typing session is the quickest way to get clear on your enneagram type. Once determined, I'll give you an overview of your type and practical ways you can nurture your inner nature.

Libra Season: $88


After completing payment, you'll be taken to a booking page to book your session.
Please note that for Voxer sessions, you do not need to be available at the exact time, but can expect your responses within 48 hours of the date booked.

Ways to work with me this season:


One-on-one support for your healing, growth, and dream-building.

Please note you must know your enneagram type prior to booking a life strategy session.

 Voxer Coaching Day

Working through something and need a day of support, insight, and tailored guidance? Includes up to four 15-20 minute coaching voice notes and access to selected on-demand resources I feel will best support you.
Libra Season: $147

One Month - Embodied Enneagram Coaching

Includes two 60-minute one-on-one sessions and two voxer coaching days per month. Plus weekly accountability check-ins and access to the full library of on-demand Enneacademy resources for 30 days.
Libra Season: $555

I'm Ready!
One season of Embodied Enneagram Coaching

Includes three consecutive months of Embodied Enneagram coaching (see package for details) and
90 days of Enneacademy access:

Libra Season: $1555

Let's dive in!

After completing your payment, you'll be taken to a booking page to book your session.
Please note that for Voxer sessions, you do not need to be available at the exact time, but can expect your responses within 48 hours of the date booked.

what clients are saying

"I had no idea I could learn so much about myself!

I've learned about what I default to in times of stress in a way that goes beyond stress management, but felt like a new worldview on stress and fear that has helped me see the things we do to ourselves and the ways we think that keep us stuck, and she's taught me how to undo a lot of that.

I must say, working with Rachelle one on one has wildly impacted my life. I feel so much more grounded and I felt such a connection with Rachelle and a genuine caring and calm and compassion, and I think that there are lots of people that you can do coaching with in this space and to people who can teach you about the enneagram, but I would 100% choose her because she's her and this work is her gift. Thank you Rachelle.

Jade D. Type 7