Break the cycle of self-sabotage

Apply the Enneagram to Unlock Your Unique Potential, Heal Unhealthy Patterns, and Transform Your Life.
Learn the three pillars of my Embodied Enneagram framework

Developed from over a decade spent helping thousands of curious humans shift into new possibilities.

  • Day 1: Unlock the wisdom of your Type. 
    Get a deep understanding of your unique strategy for navigating the world. You'll learn the core desired feeling and unique growth path for each of the nine enneagram types, so you can build the vision for a life that's aligned with how you really want to feel. 
    January 24, 2023. 10am PST / 12pm CST.

  • Day 2: "I know my type, now what?"  
    Start to see the enneagram as a psycho-somatic-spiritual tool for helping you navigate the challenges of being human. You'll learn what soul work looks like for each of the nine types, so you can open up to self-forgiveness, acceptance, and receptivity
    January 25, 2023. 10am PST / 12pm CST.
  • Day 3: Integrate Somatics... Change Your Life. 
    See how you get in your own way and how self-sabotage shows up energetically in your body and in your life. Come away with somatic strategies, tailored to your type, so you can break old self-sabotaging patterns and start to embody new possibilities
    January 26, 2023. 10am PST / 12pm CST.

Life is hard—the Enneagram can help.

  • The Enneagram is a personality framework, spiritual guide and somatic tool that inspires personal growth by helping you identify unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

  • Feeling seen by the Enneagram creates space for transformative self-acceptance, self-love and new beginnings.

  • For the first time ever, I'm sharing all my  transformative Embodied Enneagram framework with you in for free.


This workshop series is for you if...

  • What you're doing isn't working anymore and you'r wondering how to break out of self-sabotaging patterns and step into new possibilities.
  • You want hard truths and actionable insight that help shift your ways of thinking, feeling, and acting towards your embodied potential.
  • You are currently in a season of stocking your spiritual toolkit with personal growth tools that effectively help you in navigating the challenges of being human.
Hi, I’m Rachelle

I’m an Embodied Enneagram Coach & Educator, which means I help you awaken to your unconscious patterns with radical self-awareness so you can create real, sustainable change in your life.

You do not want to miss this 3-day LIVE workshop series.

Get ready for a whole new take on the Enneagram framework that I’ve developed from over a decade as a big-dream chaser, spiritual teacher, and curious human studying psychology, spirituality and somatics. 

Let's see what's possible when you're navigating your life from a place of presence, peace, and radical self-awareness. (Hint, it's transformative)

See you there!

Rachelle’s Intro To The Enneagram workshop was incredibly informative and impactful. As someone who was very new to this personality framework, I found the information to be insightful and easy to relate to my own life. I’ve never felt so seen!
Rachelle’s real life examples really helped me identify which Enneagram number I am and apply the information to my own life. This workshop was the perfect introduction and really left me wanting to learn more!
Since this workshop, I have done a deeper dive into the Enneagram and encouraged our entire team to discover it for themselves. This tool has played a part in our team’s culture, hiring process and our understanding of each other. If you’re considering signing up for this course, I would highly recommend you do!

Katrina Vanderveen, Type One

I took Rachelle's Enneagram workshop and it has totally transformed the way in which I understand and communicate with those around me. Simply put, I am now much more aware that my "why" may be different than even my closest friends and family.
It has allowed me to be more empathetic, and a better supporter to those close to me. More than that - it has helped me dig deeper into my own "why," allowing me to create personal goals that I am actually passionate about, rather than just for the sake of creating goals. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious about what truly motivates them, or those around them.

Laura Wittig, Type 3